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Jayne will be at the clubhouse Saturday morning from 9-12 for memberships. The grill is not open this weekend. We are one step closer to having Corridor 5 open from Shawnee’s north! Thanks to Chris at CM Whitcher and his crew for getting this done. The rail bed was plowed for trucks to deliver material, so there is no snow on the ground, and none to work with. The bridge at the fish hatchery is still out, so there is no through traffic at that point-local access only. They are hoping to have the bridge ready in another week or so-we’ll keep you updated. Construction on our bridge at the power line on Rt 118 is underway. Our trails have been opened up-we rolled, and are getting ready to groom them. Early season riding conditions exist, please ride with care! This bitter cold is slowing things down a bit-please be patient as all clubs get to their trails! Remember to like and check us out on Facebook!

Trails closed this season are:
N Dorchester Rd (P153)
Clough…and please remember there is no parking there, or any other area past the clubhouse that have access to the trails.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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