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Trails report 1/9

Good news-the tucker is back up and running, and grooming is taking place. The temps are on the rise, but it is packing in the trails well. There are still some areas of little snow cover, but overall the riding is good. We have everything in stock now to repair the bridge on the power line at Rt 118, and hope to get it done while the temps are double digits! Please remember that we have several trail closures this year, and they have been signed as closed-NO snowmobiling! If we have not groomed it, it is NOT open. Our new maps are at the printer, and hope to have them done soon. Parking for riding in the Baker River system is at the clubhouse and the extra lot just before it on the right-NO exceptions. Please do not drive past the clubhouse to park on any town or private road-this puts the club in jeopardy with landowners. Our next meeting is this Saturday night at 7pm-preceded by a pot luck supper at 6-come join us, and meet some fellow members!

Trails closed this season are:
N Dorchester Rd (P153)
Clough…and please remember there is no parking there, or any other area past the clubhouse that have access to the trails.

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