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Riders report-just getting in now from a buzz around our trails. The tucker has been out the last couple of days, and things are looking pretty good. A lot of the icy areas have gone away with the warmer temps, and there is more lubrication for the sleds. There are still a few large holes that just won't fill in yet-colder temps and more snow will fix that! Leaving the clubhouse and going out Cheever is a little thin, but on the clubhouse side, everything has filled in. Once you cross Rt118, there are a couple nasty holes, then good to Bailey Hill Rd. Between that and River Rd are a couple more larger water holes to cross. From there to Rt 118 again, is pretty good. After the crossing, there are a couple more places to get through, but all in all, not too bad. Once you reach the chip pile, the riding is good-lots of snow up that way! The Hog Hill area was groomed as well, and is very good. Going up to the green camp is thin, but once you pass camp victory, the snow gets deeper again. The power lines have good spots and some that are very thin, some of it has been groomed. The guys are doing the best they can with what they have been dealt, and overall the riding is pretty good. Be aware of changing conditions on all trails, and watch out for hazards-Ride safe!!
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