Trail Update 1/23/20

According to our groomers, trails are as good as they’ve been all season so far, though not perfect. Keep in mind lower elevation areas always need more snow and will be rough and thin until that happens.

See below for a report on when what sections were groomed and what’s coming next:

Corridor 5 South / 10 Mile Road / Rocky Loop: Groomed Tuesday
Cheever Trail: Groomed Wednesday
Corridor 5 North (toward Warren): Groomed Today (Thursday)
Groton (Hog Hill area): To be groomed tomorrow morning (Friday)

The most up-to-date trail conditions are typically posted on Facebook, so be sure to follow us there for more details throughout the weekend.

Trail Update 1/16/20

Here’s your weekend trail update:

Before this storm, our lower elevation trails were patchy at best while the higher elevation trails held up reasonably well. Between last night and today, we received around 6″ of new snow. We are going to let that settle with some cold temps tonight.

Starting tomorrow afternoon our groomer operators will be working around the clock to reestablish our base and get the trails back in shape with the anticipation of more snow Saturday night (shoutout to our groomers, thank you for all the work that you’ll be doing the next few days!!)

**Please note Parris Field is closed at this time until we can evaluate it.** The remainder of trails are open, but there will be hazards so ride at your own risk and please be careful not to make a mess. We will post updated conditions as we have them.

Thank you!

Trail Update 1/9/20

We have good snow cover in higher elevation, but still many bare spots and water bars in the lower terrain. There is one especially large water bar on Cheever Trail after you cross North Groton Road – please use caution.

We did get 4″+ of fresh snow yesterday and conditions continue to improve and we are actively grooming as weather permits. However, the forecast doesn’t look great for this weekend and we may have to suspend grooming operations after today until Monday. If you can’t get out there before the weekend, it may be best to wait until rain and warm temps have passed before enjoying the trails.

That said, the clubhouse will be open all weekend! We have a Club Meeting on Saturday evening (potluck dinner at 6pm and meeting at 7pm) and our Monthly Pancake Buffet Breakfast on Sunday morning starting at 8am. Hope to see many of you there despite the forecast!

Trail Update 1/3/20

Unfortunately, the Tucker will remain parked tonight as it is just too warm to effectively groom. All trails remain open, but they have taken a beating with the heavy traffic and warm temps we’ve had this week. Expect thin snow cover in the lower terrain and good cover in the higher terrain with mostly ungroomed trails.

Tomorrow night, we are expecting below freezing temps and 2-4” of snow. We hope to groom as much of our system as we can then and with any luck, trails will be in much better shape Sunday morning.

The Clubhouse and Grump’s Grill will be open Saturday and Sunday 8-4 and our lunch specials are worth the drive themselves. Hope to see many of you this weekend!

Trails Update: We’re Open!

Baker River trails are officially open with ONE IMPORTANT EXCEPTION: Cheever trail is CLOSED between Patty Bailey’s Bridge (Primary 153) and River Road due to water in Paris field. Any snowmobile going across this property will risk us losing the trail. Please respect the landowner’s property.
We are actively out trying to groom and pack the remainder of our trails, but most are ungroomed, wet and not completely signed. Expect EARLY SEASON CONDITIONS with OPEN WATER BARS and possible DOWN TREESPlease use extreme caution!!
We will continue to post updates on specific areas as we all get out there to explore more. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!