Trail Update 2/7/20

As of 11am today we have about 4 inches of fresh snowfall and the freezing rain has begun to switch back over to snow.

Overall, higher elevations are in good shape. Lower elevations are fair with some open water bars and thin cover.

Rocky Loop, Little Rocky, Townline Pond, Corridor 5 South & Ten Mile Road: Groomed before the snow, good shape overall.

Corridor 5 North to Warren: Groomed last night (Thursday). It was pretty bare before this storm, but the added snow will only help it. Overall fair condition.

North Groton/Hog Hill Area: Will be groomed as soon as temps drop tonight or early tomorrow.

Throughout the day Saturday we will be actively grooming in all directions. Please use caution and watch for the groomer while you’re out there.

Finally, with the ice and heavy snow there may be downed trees and branches. If you’re venturing out before the groomer, use caution. Feel free to shoot us a message if you find anything big and we’ll get out there as soon as we can.

Trail Update 1/30/20

It’s not looking too bad out there, especially in the high elevation. Cold temps the last couple days have frozen everything.

Corridor 5 South / 10 Mile Road / Rocky Loop is the only area that’s been groomed this week (just done today) and will be your best bet for a good ride.

Expect rough, thin spots in the couple miles between the Clubhouse and Green Camp. Take Corridor 5 South from there and it should be smooth sailing.

We hope to groom the remainder of our system by Sunday, though we’re a little short staffed with lots of members headed to the NHSA Ride-In for Camp Sno-Mo. Whether we see you there or at the Clubhouse, have a wonderful weekend!!!

Grump’s Grill (located inside the Clubhouse) will be open Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm. Our volunteers are cooking up a few tasty lasagnas for you served with homemade baked bread and salad. Make sure you go pay them a visit!

Trail Update 1/28/20

Lots of questions of how trails are holding up with the rain and warm temps.

First, the bad news:
The grooming team hasn’t been able to get out there and do a thorough review so we don’t have many details. We do believe that trails in lower elevation (nearby the clubhouse) are quite thin, while higher elevations had enough base to hold up well.

But here’s the good news:
We’ve got highs under 30 in the next couple days, so HOPEFULLY we’ll get the Tucker running and do some exploring before the weekend.

And the BETTER news:
Regardless of conditions, Grump’s Grill is open Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm with a hearty Italian feast of lasagna, homemade baked bread and salad. If the riding isn’t top notch this weekend, we can at least eat away our sorrows.

Stay tuned for more details. Full trail report for the weekend will be posted on Thursday.

Trail Update 1/23/20

According to our groomers, trails are as good as they’ve been all season so far, though not perfect. Keep in mind lower elevation areas always need more snow and will be rough and thin until that happens.

See below for a report on when what sections were groomed and what’s coming next:

Corridor 5 South / 10 Mile Road / Rocky Loop: Groomed Tuesday
Cheever Trail: Groomed Wednesday
Corridor 5 North (toward Warren): Groomed Today (Thursday)
Groton (Hog Hill area): To be groomed tomorrow morning (Friday)

The most up-to-date trail conditions are typically posted on Facebook, so be sure to follow us there for more details throughout the weekend.

Trail Update 1/16/20

Here’s your weekend trail update:

Before this storm, our lower elevation trails were patchy at best while the higher elevation trails held up reasonably well. Between last night and today, we received around 6″ of new snow. We are going to let that settle with some cold temps tonight.

Starting tomorrow afternoon our groomer operators will be working around the clock to reestablish our base and get the trails back in shape with the anticipation of more snow Saturday night (shoutout to our groomers, thank you for all the work that you’ll be doing the next few days!!)

**Please note Parris Field is closed at this time until we can evaluate it.** The remainder of trails are open, but there will be hazards so ride at your own risk and please be careful not to make a mess. We will post updated conditions as we have them.

Thank you!