Trail Update 2/28/20

From the Clubhouse to the Green Camp is very thin, with spots down to dirt. We’re working on some solutions now to get a passable trail through there to gain access to trails in the higher elevation. WILL UPDATE ON THIS ASAP via Facebook and our website.

From the Green Camp south (on Corridor 5) conditions start fair and continuously improve. Once you hit Ten Mile Road, conditions are really excellent – the best they’ve been all year.

Ten Mile Road, Rocky Loop and Little Rocky were all groomed today and will be a safe bet for riding this weekend.

Heading the other direction, Cheever Trail and Hog Hill/Groton are in decent shape per riders today.

No other trails have been groomed or evaluated at this time. Please use caution and common sense if you get out exploring. We’ll continue to post updates as we have them.

As a reminder, the Leap Day Ladies Ride is still on tomorrow. Meet at the Clubhouse (197 N. Dorchester Road, Wentworth, NH) by 10am to ride along. Keep in mind that the first few miles up to good conditions will be rough. Please use discretion as to whether or not you feel comfortable!

As always, the Clubhouse and Grump’s Grill will be open Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 4. This weekend we’re celebrating #GirlPower. Supergirl steak & cheese sliders, Black Widow buffalo chicken sliders, Captain Marvel mac & cheese, Wonder Woman whoopie pies and Batgirl blondies.

Trail Update 2/20/20

We received another 6-8″ of fresh snowfall this week. Most trails have built up a solid base at this point, especially up high.

We’ve been actively grooming (see below for detailed updates) though there was more midweek riding traffic than usual, so we will continue to do so as much as possible leading up to and continuing through this weekend.

Rocky Loop, Little Rocky, Townline Pond, Corridor 5 South & Ten Mile Road: Groomed Tuesday night, will be done again tonight. Great condition!

Corridor 5 North to Warren: Groomed on Wednesday. Good condition overall.

North Groton/Hog Hill Area: Will be groomed before the weekend

We have the Club Ride to Antique Track Driven Machine Show on Saturday, plus another of our popular Vintage Rides Hosted by BRVSC heading out on Sunday morning.

As always, the Clubhouse and Grump’s Grill will be open Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 4. This weekend we’re celebrating Mardis Gras, including a King Cupcake Contest. Cupcakes are $2 each – get the one with the baby inside and you win a long sleeve BRVSC t-shirt!

Trail Update 2/13/20

We received about 6” of fresh snowfall this week, making for a drastic improvement in conditions all around.

Everything has been groomed at least once this week, but we had to put the brakes on tonight with the Tucker briefly down for maintenance. We plan to be back up and running tomorrow and have everything in great shape for the weekend pending no further issues.

Regardless, there’s (finally!!!) plenty of snow out there and great riding to be had for our 2020 Baker River Poker Run featuring Ride603, great food (homemade BBQ pulled pork, mac & cheese and potatoes) and CASH PRIZES.

As always, in addition to the Poker Run, the Clubhouse will be open Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 4. Plus, as a friendly reminder, we have plenty of parking available 24/7 between our two lots: one right at the Clubhouse and the other across the street. Signage is plentiful, you can’t miss it!

Trail Update 2/7/20

As of 11am today we have about 4 inches of fresh snowfall and the freezing rain has begun to switch back over to snow.

Overall, higher elevations are in good shape. Lower elevations are fair with some open water bars and thin cover.

Rocky Loop, Little Rocky, Townline Pond, Corridor 5 South & Ten Mile Road: Groomed before the snow, good shape overall.

Corridor 5 North to Warren: Groomed last night (Thursday). It was pretty bare before this storm, but the added snow will only help it. Overall fair condition.

North Groton/Hog Hill Area: Will be groomed as soon as temps drop tonight or early tomorrow.

Throughout the day Saturday we will be actively grooming in all directions. Please use caution and watch for the groomer while you’re out there.

Finally, with the ice and heavy snow there may be downed trees and branches. If you’re venturing out before the groomer, use caution. Feel free to shoot us a message if you find anything big and we’ll get out there as soon as we can.

Trail Update 1/30/20

It’s not looking too bad out there, especially in the high elevation. Cold temps the last couple days have frozen everything.

Corridor 5 South / 10 Mile Road / Rocky Loop is the only area that’s been groomed this week (just done today) and will be your best bet for a good ride.

Expect rough, thin spots in the couple miles between the Clubhouse and Green Camp. Take Corridor 5 South from there and it should be smooth sailing.

We hope to groom the remainder of our system by Sunday, though we’re a little short staffed with lots of members headed to the NHSA Ride-In for Camp Sno-Mo. Whether we see you there or at the Clubhouse, have a wonderful weekend!!!

Grump’s Grill (located inside the Clubhouse) will be open Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm. Our volunteers are cooking up a few tasty lasagnas for you served with homemade baked bread and salad. Make sure you go pay them a visit!