Looks like all the dances may have finally paid off-it is snowing here in BRVSC country! If the forcast is correct, we may be riding this weekend.

The guys will take the tucker out tomorrow if there is enough snow & get the trails opened up. They did note that there is a lot of ice yesterday when they opened up the gates, especially on corridor 8 leading up to the green camp, so please be careful if you are out. It takes time to get through the whole system and there may also be some downed trees to clear.


If there is rideable snow, we will open the clubhouse for saturday & sunday.


we’ll keep you updated here & on facebook as to conditions……………………… 


at 8:30am there is 3″ of fresh snow-our forcast is for 6-12″ from this April Fool’s storm. The trails in the higher elevations were still good-this will make them better! The lower trails were quite thin & riding from the club house to the green camp was not possible-will post again when the storm is done. Trail conditions will also be available on the snowphone at 786-2388.

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about 12″ of new snow fell over the last 2 days-just what we needed to freshen up the trails! The volunteers who make up the grooming team will be out round whipping them in shape for all to enjoy.

The clubhouse kitchen will be open friday through sunday. We have been seeing more traffic to the area & would love to add some new faces to our dedicated staff of volunteers. If you could help out a few hours on a saturday or sunday, please stop in the clubhouse or send an email through this website. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

have a great weekend & ride safe!!

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The snow is finally falling here-8″ so far! Guess everyone came through for us with their Christmas wish! It will take a little time to get the trails in shape so please be patient with the grooming team. The winds are blowing so there may be some fallen trees-ride safe!!  Up to date trails reports may be had by calling the clubhouse phone at 603-786-2388. The page here will NOT be updated until  next week.

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