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What a difference a year makes-the snow has been falling here a couple inches at a time-probably 4"-6" from this storm. With any luck, we will be able to open the trails! If you need to join the club to get your voucher to register, you can either print off the application and send it in with a check, or you can go directly to and create an account, and join the club in comfort of your own home! It's easy, fast, and secure. You can then print out your voucher, and take it with you to register your sleds. Don't wait-register today! The clubhouse will not be open of saturday, December 17th as Marie will be conducting a safety class. If we have enough snow to open the trails, we will also open the clubhouse on sunday. The season is just about to start.....................brvsc-application

Membership News

Membership Sign Up --- Meet and Greet Join us at the clubhouse on Saturday, December 3rd. Come join the club, meet other members and enjoy coffee and donuts with us. We will be there from 9:00am till Noon to help you with your memberships. We hope to see you there... If you can't make it to the "Meet and Greet "you can always join on-line at It's quick and easy... or as always, you can mail in your membership application and we will send you your voucher to you by email or in the mail. Think snow....

A sad day for us

It is with great sorrow that I share the news of Rowell Ray's passing with you. Rowell was a great guy, and a very important member of the BRVSC family. I feel blessed to have had his friendship and advise over last 13 years, while he served as director, treasurer, and most recently, vice president. We shared many laughs while building the clubhouse. He was one of the finest groomer operators we had, and his knowledge of equipment was extremely helpful in keeping the tucker in top operating condition. Whether it was building and repairing bridges, to clearing storm damage from the trails, he was out there with the crew. Whatever the club was involved with, Rowell was there helping, it didn't matter what it was. His sharp wit, and even sharper pencil, will be missed by us all. Rest in peace, Rowell, and thank you for all the memories. Evie There will be a gathering back at the clubhouse following the graveside service on friday. Here is a link to his obituary:…


FROM BRVSC: PLEASE remember that no matter how much snow we receive, ALL of BRVSC trails are CLOSED and will remain so. THE GROUND IS TOO SOFT, AND GATES ARE CLOSED. Please help all clubs maintain their good relationships with their landowners, and do not ride on any closed trails..................thanks! FROM NH BOT: March 18, 2016 This report is being updated from questions received from callers regarding trail status in northern NH and the forecasted potential Nor'easter on Monday. There is still some spring condition riding in Pittsburg and some higher elevation terrain of Coos County. Riders should check club websites for trail information. Several clubs intent to leave trails open for un-groomed riding as long as landowners and snow conditions allow. Forecasters are speculating on a possible Nor'easter storm for Sunday/Monday. The majority of the trails in the state have closed for the winter and gates has been closed. In event additional snows do arrive in NH the closed gates will remain closed and trails will not be re-opening. The ground is no longer frozen and clubs have been removing signage and closing down trails from the winter. Some limited riding opportunities would be available on the State-owned recreational rail trails (portions with rails and ties removed). These trails are open for general snowmobile use. Gates will remain closed and riders can use the bypass lanes as they normally do in early winter. Groomers will not be heading back out onto trails. The 'active' rail lines that become trails in the winter (Canterbury to Lincoln, Bennington) are closed and will remain closed. The bridge protecting belting/decking has been removed for the season.

Update to the online membership program

There is news tonight to share about the online membership program. Back in the fall, we sent out a letter alerting you of changes, and what it all meant for our club. We have been informed that starting March 11th, the program will be up and running. Baker River will be participating in the program, but as we have told you in the past, you may still join our club by sending in a membership application as you have done all along. It is your choice as to how you join our club. You can join through your own computer, right in your own home, or download the application and mail it to us. You may also join in person at any of our regular club meetings. 2015-16 memberships will expire June 30th, and our dues are $35/year for individuals or families, with $10 of that going to NHSA for your membership there, including a subscription to the SnoTraveler. We’ll be sending out reminders in May, and hope that we will continue to have your support as you renew your memberships, or are joining for the first time. It takes a lot to get the trails in shape all year long, and to keep the equipment in good working order. Your paid memberships are important to sustaining the club, especially in a low snow year such as this one. Thanks for being a club member!

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