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12/22 Report

Snow is coming down, there is a good 5"-6" from this storm. The forecast is to change over to freezing rain, then all rain. There are 2 more storms on the radar for this weekend, and with any luck, we'll have just enough to be able to get the trails really open! Although the report from BOT listed Baker trails as open, not all trails are in good condition-we still have work to do. The bridge is still out (but repair has been started) on the power line at Rt 118, so you will not be able to cross over. The washout on C5 means the trail is closed at Shawnee's. Our neighbors, the Asquamchumauke club in Warren has a bridge out at the fish hatchery, so there is no coming south from there. Our project on the rail bed should start sometime next week. There was very little snow cover on the trails before now, and it was so light that it did not make for a good base. The rain coming should help firm things up. We will pack and roll trails starting Saturday, 12/23. If you do ride here this weekend, PLEASE keep in mind it is early season, and watch for trail hazards. It would be wise to keep your speed down. There were a lot of washouts up in the high country, and the more snow we get, the better we can fill them. There will be a work crew in the Rocky loop area tomorrow, Saturday, 12/23-please watch for them. All of the Hog Hill area will be open for riding this year. The clubhouse is not open this weekend, so that our volunteers may spend Christmas with their families. Ride safe and keep right! TRAILS CLOSED: Any trail off N. Dorchester Rd, including the road- P 153, Whitcher, Clough Rd area-NO PARKING or riding through there, Quimby (Lyme's trail), Scheller, Nichols Hill, All of us here at Baker River wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!


WEEKEND UPDATE ......TRAILS WILL REMAIN CLOSED There are still a couple of safety concerns that are being addressed: the washout on C5 on the rail bed in Wentworth, the bridge on the power lines on Rt 118, and a washout on Rocky. We got halfway through Rocky last weekend, and this weekend plan to finish it, as well as Little Rocky and C5 from the green camp to 10 mile.We will be clearing downed trees and other hazards on both days. Our tucker is a 5 man cab, but 4 fit more comfortably if you choose to ride along. Now that the ground is snow covered, we can reach these trails by sled, and if yours is registered, you are welcome to bring it to help. Chain saws and brush cutters would be helpful, but we do have some. A screw gun would also be helpful for signage and any rails that may need fixing on a bridge. We need guys to throw brush off the trail when cut. If any more information is needed, you can call 603-786-2770. We will have food back at the clubhouse for those who help out on the work crews. We are not the only club who will not be open this weekend, so please check before you ride-all clubs are doing their best, and have your safety in mind when making any decisions. We can finally see light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to ALL of the volunteers who have given up their time to help. Hopefully, this will be the last big weekend to address all the issues that are facing us, and we can all get out and ride the great trails we have!

******NEWS UPDATE*****

It's been a while since we've posted here, and we are working on plans to keep this fresh for all to see! Winter is fast approaching, snow is starting to fall, and the 2017-18 season is under way. Have you joined the club yet? How about those sleds-preseason checks done? Registrations purchased? The club has been frantically working on all trails in our system, from normal maintenance, to the severe storm damage received in the October flooding. Bridges and trails have been washed away-some have been repaired already, some we still need to work on. Trees have been cleared from many trails, but still some remain. The small crews who have been out every weekend are doing their best to have all ready in time, but we are uncertain this will happen. There are trail closures from last year, and it is imperative that ALL riders STAY ON MARKED TRAILS. This is not new. We cannot stress this enough! One other thing to note here; just because it was an open trail last year, it may not be this year. Please know before you go, and read ALL signs! Everyone needs to do their part here-PLEASE DO NOT BREAK TRAILS ON YOUR OWN AS WE START THE SEASON. The club is getting all signage out, and new maps are at the printer. Check with the club if you are uncertain! Here is a list of the trail closures so far: Primary 153 from the horse farm right up through N Dorchester Rd, and Quimby Trail. No left turn at the bridge at the horse farm to go over the damn and up to Dorchester that way along N. Dorchester Rd. Whicher Trail is also closed, as well as the trail out of Clough Rd. There is no parking at Clough, and no access to trails from there. PLEASE=PLEASE-PLEASE!!!!! Do not ride these areas! There is no access to any trail from N Dorchester Rd, so please park at the clubhouse or the other lot we have, and access the trails from there. We have washouts to address on Rocky, and hoping to get them done right away. If not, we may have to close that trail until we can. Corridor 5 on the rail bed sustained significant damage, and a temporary fix will be in place soon. THE TRAILS ARE NOT OPEN YET-please do not ride them! Let us get out and finish the repairs-we would welcome any help you can offer- more hands make the work go faster-and the sooner we can be ready. Please keep in mind that December 15th is when we CAN open trails, but not necessarily when they MUST be open. We need sufficient snow cover, as well as signage up, and damage repaired. We will have all trails open in the Hog Hill area of Groton this year. We will have another update very soon-please pass this along to everyone you know-we need to get the word out! BRVSC


Trails will be open AS LONG AS we do receive 6+" of new snow. Many areas were bare in the lower elevations, resulting in closures. A crew went out last night to check on downed trees from the strong winds we have had lately. They didn't get to all trails, so riders should be cautious.The snow bridges were opening up, leaving holes in the trails-again-use caution-we will do our best to fill them in. We expect to roll first to pack it down, and we hope to have a great weekend here!! Many of our neighboring clubs will be out too-but the gates on the rail beds will remain closed per BOT. We expect traffic to be heavy this weekend, and ask that all ride with courtesy and respect for others and for our landowners! We hope to have enough volunteers to open the clubhouse both saturday & sunday-please contact us if you can!!! We will post again as the weekend draws near. Let's have a fun and safe weekend!!

Trails 1/21

Riders report-just getting in now from a buzz around our trails. The tucker has been out the last couple of days, and things are looking pretty good. A lot of the icy areas have gone away with the warmer temps, and there is more lubrication for the sleds. There are still a few large holes that just won't fill in yet-colder temps and more snow will fix that! Leaving the clubhouse and going out Cheever is a little thin, but on the clubhouse side, everything has filled in. Once you cross Rt118, there are a couple nasty holes, then good to Bailey Hill Rd. Between that and River Rd are a couple more larger water holes to cross. From there to Rt 118 again, is pretty good. After the crossing, there are a couple more places to get through, but all in all, not too bad. Once you reach the chip pile, the riding is good-lots of snow up that way! The Hog Hill area was groomed as well, and is very good. Going up to the green camp is thin, but once you pass camp victory, the snow gets deeper again. The power lines have good spots and some that are very thin, some of it has been groomed. The guys are doing the best they can with what they have been dealt, and overall the riding is pretty good. Be aware of changing conditions on all trails, and watch out for hazards-Ride safe!!

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