Ladies Ride


This year’s Ladies Ride will be split into two groups (beginners & more intermediate/confident riders). Splitting up will allow each group to travel at an appropriate pace for the riders in it. That means beginner’s feel comfortable at a slower pace, and you ladies who want to haul a$$ will have some fun too.
Both groups will take a scenic 1 to 2-hour ride on Baker River and surrounding trail systems. We’ll all meet up at one of the best scenic views Central NH snowmobiling has to offer, then head back to the BRVSC Clubhouse for more fun.

NEW THIS YEAR: Pre-Ride Beginner’s Clinic

Typically ride with a male counterpart and not used to going out on your own? Just new to the sport or lacking general confidence?
Prior to the ride, you can work with Baker River volunteers in a brief clinic. We’ll set up an open area where you can get comfortable on your sled before hitting the public trails, and work with you on basic safety and trail etiquette.
For questions about the clinic or the Ladies Ride, email Our goal is for every lady sledder to feel confident enough to join us for the ride. Let us help you get there!


Ladies Ride, February 29, 2020