Snowmobile Season Logistics During COVID

Snowmobile Club Updates

Many of you are wondering what snowmobiling at Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club will look like this winter. Well if mother nature ever brings us some snow it will look a little different. At the core however, BRVSC will continue to offer its members and visitors everything that it always has!

Great Trails

We’ve got some great stuff going on out there this year from widening, to new bridges, new topo maps and re-opening of some previously closed trails! Dance, dance, dance!


Baker River has two lots that will be fully plowed and ready to welcome you.


We plan on being here for you, though admittedly it’ll be different. Grump’s Grill will be offering take out service Saturdays and Sundays. The grill will be fired up and there still will be weekly specials. We voted and approved to bring in Porta-Potty facilities for your convenience. We will have some outside tables and seating for you to stretch your legs, fuel up your bodies, and get ready to ride. We’re even going to fire up a few wood stoves to warm you. 

Trail Needs

We’ve always kept staple items on hand such as extra oil, fuel, and volunteers so that if someone close by has an emergency you’re not stuck! 

Fun & Spirit

Even “stupidcovid” as we call it around here won’t stop us from trying to be creative with our events, giveaways, fundraisers and just the general weekend fun.

Trails Currently Closed

Unfortunately (although unsurprisingly) trails are closed until further notice due to the Christmas rain. Let’s all hope for better weather to come.
As always, we will keep you updated as conditions change.

Grump’s Grill Open For the Season

Despite trails still being closed as of this time (update coming by the morning of Wednesday, January 1!!!) our volunteers have been kind enough to open Grump’s Grill for the season beginning Saturday, December 28.

Grump’s Grill is located inside our clubhouse at 197 North Dorchester Road, Wenthworth, NH. Hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 4pm. Come in for a hot, home-cooked meal and to get your membership renewed for the year. See you there!

Upcoming Work Parties

It’s that time! Snowmobiling season is quickly approaching and there is work to be done.

Join us for two upcoming work parties – Saturday 9/14 and Saturday 9/21. Volunteers should meet at the clubhouse at 9am. Breakfast and coffee will be provided!

Plan for September 14:

1. Repair damage to kiosks from the end of last year
2. Make updates and prepare kiosks to be placed back out on trails
3. Updates and repairs to bridges

Plan for September 21:

1. Paint clubhouse and groomer shed
2. Other trail work as time and volunteers permit

Click below to RSVP for these events on Facebook:


Call For Volunteers: 2019 Grass Drags

The 2019 Grass Drags and Water Cross event is quickly approaching.

Did you know this annual event is also a massive fundraiser for snowmobile clubs?

You have the opportunity to raise money for BRVSC, just by volunteering a couple hours of your Grass Drags weekend!

The work is easy, and better yet – you’ll be among friends. Enjoy the beautiful early fall weather and earn some money for BRVSC while you’re at it.

Visit the NHSA website for more information and to complete the volunteer sign-up form, or email with questions.

P.S. If we get enough BRVSC participation, we may be able to host a more conveniently-located orientation session. So reach out now!!