Trails Closed 3/21/21

Snowmobile Trail Update
We hate to say it, but as of today ALL TRAILS ARE NOW CLOSED for the 2020-2021 season. Thank you to the many people that made this year great:
  • the many landowners who make our trail system possible
  • all of our volunteers – the muscle behind everything we do as a club
  • the 609 incredible members of BRVSC
  • every snowmobiler who enjoyed our trail system this year!

Trail Update 3/4/21

Snowmobile Trail Update
Overall, trails are in great shape! Trails have firmed up nicely after the warmup last weekend and we received about 4″ of new snow earlier this week.
Every trail has been groomed this week. Corr 8 and Corr 5 north are thin but mostly snow covered. Expect the thinnest cover along rte 25 through Wentworth.
Once you get into the higher elevations, trails are in excellent condition!
Grooming operations will continue daily as temperatures allow.
Get out and ride this weekend!!! With a big warmup coming next week, it looks like this may be the last great weekend of the season.
Be sure to join us Saturday March 6th as we host Plymouth Area Boy Scouts of Troop 56 in their BBQ Cookout Fundraiser! Drive or Snowmobile over & enjoy a socially distanced cookout. Grills and Crockpots will be full and ready!
Troop 56 represents the towns of Wentworth, Rumney, Plymouth, Ashland, Campton, Holderness, North Woodstock, & Lincoln. These guys are a great group, please help us in thanking them for their community support, Christmas light festival, and trail work at BRVSC.

Opening Weekend Recap

BRVSC Opening Weekend

Baker River trails finally opened this past weekend and it was a roaring good time. Lower trails still need more snow, but are currently passable. Conditions quickly improve once you get to higher terrain (about 2 miles out of the clubhouse in either direction).

Our grooming team has done an incredible job, putting in a lot of hours in the last week. The Tucker continues to run this week, prepping trails for another busy weekend. The most up to date trail and grooming conditions can be found on our Facebook.

The Clubhouse & Grump’s Grill

Our amazing kitchen volunteers also need a shout out. With COVID regulations keeping the public outside of the clubhouse, Grump’s Grill went full take-out this season. Let’s just say this massive change hasn’t slowed the kitchen down one bit. Burgers, hot dogs, snacks, desserts and our weekly homemade specials are still in full swing.

Despite being stuck outside, the clubhouse is still a great pit stop on your ride. We have regularly serviced porta-potties, tables and chairs, and wood stoves outside to keep you as comfortable as possible while you rest up and enjoy your meal.

Trail Updates

On to more trail updates. If you got out this weekend, you may have noticed some changes.

Primary 153, January 2021
Primary 153, January 2021

First up, a new and improved Primary 153 has reopened after several years. Our section of P153 previously ended at Cheever Trail. It now extends 4.5 miles to Corridor 5, creating a 25 mile loop within our trail system. This also adds a second route up to higher terrain, instead of all traffic taking Corridor 8.

Scenic View, January 2021

And, the Scenic View and Diamond Turn trails in the Hog Hill/Groton area is again reopened. We lost these trails to logging for a few years, but the beautiful view is back! You’ll definitely want to head up there for a photo op on your next ride.

Trails Opening Saturday, 1/23

Snowmobile Trail Update
Our trail system will be opening at 8am this Saturday. Conditions in the lower terrain and leaving the clubhouse are marginal to fair with thin snow cover, but conditions quickly improve with elevations. Expect good to great riding in the hills.
Most trails have been groomed and we will continue working to get them in shape before the weekend. The base is thin, so please tread lightly. Hopefully with the cold weather the trails will last until we get more snow.
As always with early season conditions, be on the lookout for open water bars, rocks and other hazards on the trail.
As a reminder, there is NO PARKING on any roads in Dorchester or anywhere on the Green Woodlands property. We have plenty of parking available at the clubhouse.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we look forward to the weekend!

Trails Open 12/21/20

Trails are open!
We have been out rolling and clearing trails all weekend. Most trails have had at least 1 pass.
Expect very early season conditions (open water bars, rocks,rough terrain, etc.) but there is some decent riding to be had. Please ride with caution!
There is a bridge out on Buddy Lane Trail, so please avoid that trail.
We will provide updates as things change. Have fun, be safe and think snow!