Weekend Update 3/23


-C8 between Green Camp and the clubhouse: closed
-C5 from Green Camp to Shawnees: closed (no access to gas)

Conditions are deteriorating, but there is still good snow at elevation – in our system and others. The guys have the tucker back up and running and we will groom through the weekend if temps allow. There is no roadside parking anywhere. You MUST park at the clubhouse and take Cheever trail, as C8 is closed between Green Camp and the clubhouse, both north and south.

The clubhouse will not be open this weekend.

As always, please see Facebook for most updated reports.

PLEASE stay on the trail, and park only where allowed. Let’s end the season on a good note!

Feb 23 2018

We did groom the Wentworth section last night-conditions vary from poor to OK, to pretty good as elevations change.There is a lot of ice out there, and some water bars have opened up. Riding without picks would not be recommended. The groomer will be out that way again today. The power line is bare on a lot of sections, and riding it is not advised. The Hog Hill section is very icy on the steep hills as you enter from the horse farm. If you do choose to ride our system, please be very aware of the changing conditions, and your riding ability. Snow is in the forecast for Sunday! We have postponed the poker run that was scheduled for Saturday, and will announce a new date soon. The kitchen will be open from 9-1. Cash or checks are always welcome-we are not able to process credit cards. PLEASE ride with care out there, keep right and report any hazards back to us.

Weekend update 1/12

We’re off to a great start, but every day this week gets warmer! The next 2 days are not going to help us much. Guess this is our January thaw. Most clubs in the area are asking riders to stay off the trails this weekend in hopes of preserving what base there is. We’d sure appreciate it too! Sunday turns cold again, and we will resume grooming efforts then.
We now have all the materials gathered to replace the bridge on the powerlines on Rt118, just need to coordinate some equipment to put the steel in place. Once that is done, and the deck on, the trail can be opened.
We do have great news to share-the online membership program is going to be available again very soon! You will once again be able to join our club from the convenience of your own home-or anywhere there is wifi! We hope you are as excited as we are to have it back, and we will share more details in a future news blast. No computer? No problem-you will always be able to join our club by sending in an application, or in person at the clubhouse.
Our next meeting is this Saturday night at 7pm-preceded by a potluck supper at 6………….come join us!

Trails report 1/9

Good news-the tucker is back up and running, and grooming is taking place. The temps are on the rise, but it is packing in the trails well. There are still some areas of little snow cover, but overall the riding is good. We have everything in stock now to repair the bridge on the power line at Rt 118, and hope to get it done while the temps are double digits! Please remember that we have several trail closures this year, and they have been signed as closed-NO snowmobiling! If we have not groomed it, it is NOT open. Our new maps are at the printer, and hope to have them done soon. Parking for riding in the Baker River system is at the clubhouse and the extra lot just before it on the right-NO exceptions. Please do not drive past the clubhouse to park on any town or private road-this puts the club in jeopardy with landowners. Our next meeting is this Saturday night at 7pm-preceded by a pot luck supper at 6-come join us, and meet some fellow members!

Trails closed this season are:
N Dorchester Rd (P153)
Clough…and please remember there is no parking there, or any other area past the clubhouse that have access to the trails.