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Weekend update 3/9

We hit the jackpot with this storm! Easily 15 plus inches of white gold!! We are grooming, and hope to have all trails in great shape for the weekend. We have a small team of operators this year, and they give as much time as they can between their families and their jobs. Before the snow hit, we were having warm days-there were bare patches and some water-so early season conditions will prevail. Please keep in mind that our only parking areas are at the clubhouse, and our spare lot just before it on the right-there is absolutely no parking anywhere else-do not jeopardize our trails and landowner relations by parking anywhere else! Jayne will be in the clubhouse Saturday for lunch. If we can get help on Sunday, we will open then too. Our monthly meeting is Saturday night, with a pot luck supper at 6pm, followed by the business at 7pm-come join us! For up to date info, keep checking our facebook page. The snow phone will have a recorded message, 603-786-2388. Please ride responsibly, keep right, and enjoy the trails!


Trails will be open AS LONG AS we do receive 6+" of new snow. Many areas were bare in the lower elevations, resulting in closures. A crew went out last night to check on downed trees from the strong winds we have had lately. They didn't get to all trails, so riders should be cautious.The snow bridges were opening up, leaving holes in the trails-again-use caution-we will do our best to fill them in. We expect to roll first to pack it down, and we hope to have a great weekend here!! Many of our neighboring clubs will be out too-but the gates on the rail beds will remain closed per BOT. We expect traffic to be heavy this weekend, and ask that all ride with courtesy and respect for others and for our landowners! We hope to have enough volunteers to open the clubhouse both saturday & sunday-please contact us if you can!!! We will post again as the weekend draws near. Let's have a fun and safe weekend!!

Sad news from the club

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you the passing of long time club member Guy Taylor. Guy was an integral part of the club, and held many positions in it over the years, including president, trail master, and director. He oversaw the scholarship the club awards to a graduating Senior from Plymouth High School. Whether helping out with a club supper, building trails & bridges, or helping to maintain the equipment, he was a very active & dedicated club member. Guy was one of the crew who helped to build the new clubhouse. But perhaps the way most of you will remember him is as one of the best groomer operators in the state of New Hampshire. He loved being out grooming our trails and seeing how much the riders enjoyed them. He has been a recipient of the  "Groomer of the Year" award from the Trails Bureau, an honor indeed. Up until last year, you would see him out in the Tucker laying down those sweet tracks we all love. Although he retired from "active club duty" he enjoyed a few rides as co-pilot this last season. Here is a link to his obituary: God speed, Guy, and may your family find comfort in their memories of you-you are already missed! Evie


There's a lot to do this weekend if you are a snowmobilier here in New Hampshire! The Lancaster Grand Prix race for the Kilkenney Cup is friday/saturday/sunday. It is the 50th anniversary, and the oldest snowmobile race in the country. There will be lots of vintage fun!   This is the tri state reciprocal weekend-you can ride in Vermont & Maine without having to register! Check the requiremnets for each state before you go!   We are having a BBQ on saturday from 11am-2pm (or sooner if we run out). On the menu is boneless chicken/scalloped potatoes/baked beans/cole slaw/punch/cake for $10. Proceeds from this go towards our annual donation to Camp SnoMo-help us stay in first place! Although the poker run has been cancelled, there is still some pretty good riding here.  The clubhouse is open both saturday & sunday this weekend. TRAILS conditions range from fair to very good and some we would even call excellent! Our grooming team has been doing a great job even though Mother nature has been very stingy with the snow!  They were able to fill most open waterbars so there are no holes, but dips do remain. Up high were there is always more snow is the best riding. The lower trails do not have enough snow cover to fill in all the bumps, but there wasn't any bare ground showing tonight. They are groomed & rideable, some very flat places-some bumps. Ice is still an issue in many sections-especially on some southern exposed slopes. Neighboring clubs are reporting similar findings & conditions. If you are riding out from the clubhouse, the Cheever trail might be the better option to access the higher terrain. All things considered, the riding is a little better than you might expect-come check it out. We need another storm to get the trails back to what you expect when you ride Baker River, and it looks like we just might get one this coming week!!   keep dancing!


our trails are shaping up...................we have a pretty good base on them, and the tucker is out working everyday.  The hog Hill area is closed this season for logging-primary 153 has been rereouted and signed.  Another logging operation is underway bewteen the Nichol Hill trail & Pickerel pond-despite the snow fence there, riders are still going through-PLEASE do not!  Another area of concern is corridor 5 behind King's mill at the airport.  The trail has been rerouted away from the runway and signed......................remember that it is illegal to operate a snowmobile on an airport!  Here again a few have chosen to ignore this and it could have a negative impact for us all.  PLEASE STAY ON MARKED TRAILS in our system & everywhere throughout the state!  Clubs work very hard to build & maintain trails that are mostly on private land!  Because of these generous landowners we are able to enjoy this sport we all love so much. As always you can check on the current condition of trails by calling our snowphone at 603-786-2388. Trail master Bob Smith updates the message every couple of days or as conditions change.
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