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"TRAIL-countable noun-definition: A trail is a route along a series of paths or roads, often one that has been planned and marked out for a particular purpose." Yes, planned, and in our case, the purpose is snowmobiling. So when sleds go off trail, it presents a problem for the club. We work closely with landowners in gaining permission to develop and maintain trails on their property. The club spends hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on keeping the trails well maintained for riding. Volunteer groomer operators spend long nights driving along at 8 miles per hour, burning 4-5 gallons of fuel in that same hour, and pulling a drag behind him to smooth those trails out again and again (usually after working their day job) so the riding is good for all. The landowners generously allow us to enjoy their land by staying on these marked trails while riding. And for the most part, everyone does. But there’s always “that guy” or even “that group” that puts it all in jeopardy. This post goes out to those riders who continue to ride off trail, thereby putting all of the trails we maintain at risk. The rules apply to everyone, and when we receive permission to maintain a trail on PRIVATE property, the landowner expects that ALL OF US will abide by them. He doesn't care what the excuse is, because there is no excuse for OFF TRAIL riding. This lack of respect to our landowners is becoming more rampant every year, and all the good a club does can be lost with a single act-don't be the reason we lose trails! Remember that riding is a privilege, and NOT a right-like the sign says-STAY ON TRAIL OR STAY HOME! Please share this and get the word out that there is NO OFF TRAIL RIDING IN BAKER RIVER!! We are not the only club to find ourselves in this difficult position with our landowners, and it is not just long tracked sleds that are the offenders. We trust that all our members and guests riding the trails here will respect ALL of our landowners now and well into the future. No matter where you are riding, whether here at BRVSC, or in another trail system, SOMEONE OWNS THAT LAND..............abuse it and we will surely lose it!
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