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12/22 Report

Snow is coming down, there is a good 5″-6″ from this storm. The forecast is to change over to freezing rain, then all rain. There are 2 more storms on the radar for this weekend, and with any luck, we’ll have just enough to be able to get the trails really open! Although the report from BOT listed Baker trails as open, not all trails are in good condition-we still have work to do. The bridge is still out (but repair has been started) on the power line at Rt 118, so you will not be able to cross over. The washout on C5 means the trail is closed at Shawnee’s. Our neighbors, the Asquamchumauke club in Warren has a bridge out at the fish hatchery, so there is no coming south from there. Our project on the rail bed should start sometime next week.

There was very little snow cover on the trails before now, and it was so light that it did not make for a good base. The rain coming should help firm things up. We will pack and roll trails starting Saturday, 12/23. If you do ride here this weekend, PLEASE keep in mind it is early season, and watch for trail hazards. It would be wise to keep your speed down. There were a lot of washouts up in the high country, and the more snow we get, the better we can fill them.

There will be a work crew in the Rocky loop area tomorrow, Saturday, 12/23-please watch for them.

All of the Hog Hill area will be open for riding this year.

The clubhouse is not open this weekend, so that our volunteers may spend Christmas with their families.

Ride safe and keep right!

Any trail off N. Dorchester Rd, including the road-
P 153,
Clough Rd area-NO PARKING or riding through there,
Quimby (Lyme’s trail),
Nichols Hill,

All of us here at Baker River wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

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