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trail update

Well, the blizzard kind of fizzled out in our area……………….while others received over 2 feet of white gold, we were shortchanged with 5″. But we’ll take it! Hoping we get the 2″-4″ that is being forcast!

Conditions remain pretty much the same; trails in the higher elevations continue to be better than those leading up to them, but most bare spots have been recently covered. There is a good base up high, and snow to work with there. Rocky, little rocky, 10 mile, Scheller, Town line, and 153 from RT 118 up are all very good. Whicher is improving, and the hog hill side was groomed today. Parking at the clubhouse & riding from there is ok. Snow was starting to fall as we were out checking conditions-any amount will be good! We advise you to be aware of ice & waterbars as you enjoy our trails-keep in mind there is not a deep base on all trails.

The clubhouse will be open saturday & sunday this weekend. This is also reciprocal weekend with Vermont & Maine-you can ride either state with your NH registration. be sure to check the laws for either one to know what you will need before you go.

we put a couple little clips on the facebook page of the tucker at work tonight


Could this at last be the storm we’ve all been waiting for? It has just begun here in Dorchester/Wentworth, and we are bracing for a good amount! We’ll be out working the snow on the trails rolling & packing at first, then going out with the new drag.

The clubhouse will be open this weekend!

We’ll update here again tomorrow, but in the meantime, keep checking our facebook page at Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club, and be sure to “like”us there!!

stay warm, ride safe!!


So far the winter has been pretty slow……………………trails are open, but please use caution as it is still considered early season riding, even though we are well into it!
Most trails are open, and have been groomed the best the snow will allow, and conditions range from fair to very good. You CAN park at the clubhouse & leave from there.  The trails are a little thin until you get to the green camp. Cheever trail is pretty good up through the dam & across RT118. We all know that parking in the higher elevations is VERY limited and it is also on private land. There is ABSOLUTLEY NO PARKING ON PUBLIC ROADWAYS-if the lot is full, you will need to find somewhere else to park. The tucker needs to be able to pass through the Clough lot, and today it was totally blocked off. This cannot happen again. We also need to be very mindful that when you encounter another person out on the trails, they just may happen to be the landowner-please be respectful in your words & actions!! It is through their kindness & generousity that we even have a trail there………………it could just as easily be closed. Thank you for your cooperation!

Sounds like we have a storm coming in early next week-that should make all the difference to the trails!!


ride safe!

Get ready for the weekend!

We haven’t received any new snow and it’s been COLD!! The trails are hard & you’ll also find some ice in corners & on hills. Saturday we may see a high in the 40’s, so that will change things for sure!  We are grooming all our trails as best we can, but without new snow  we can only do so much. Still you should find them to be quite good!  There is talk of a possible snow storm for next week, so we’ll have to wait & see what it brings.

With warmer temps on saturday it will be a great day for the poker run & BBQ!  Registrations will start at 8am and hands are $5/each. The bbq will run from 11-3, and is $10 for adults & $6 for kids. Chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, mac n cheese, cake ,and a drink will round out the menu.  We have a new system in place for the poker run that should work well.  The clubhouse will be open for regular menu items too at 8am. We turn off the grill at 3pm.

Sunday we are hosting a vintage ride. Participants should be ready to leave the clubhouse by 9am.  We have a permit to allow anyone with an antique or vintage non rigistered sled to join us for the ride.  The ride is usually 25-30 miles and we return to the clubhouse when we are done.  If you’d like more info you can call  Evie at 786-2770.

The clubhouse grill will not be on until after the vintage ride-should be around noon or so.  But it will be open to come in for coffee or cold drinks,  snacks, and some crock pot fare.

hope to see you here for a fun filled weekend!


Weekend report for 2/28

It’s COLD!! The good news is we didn’t loose any snow from the trails, but the are pretty hard.  You may find some ice as well as a few bare spots in some low lying areas.  Other than that, they should be pretty much the same as they were last week.  Call 603-786-2388 for Bob’s current message.

The clubhouse will be open saturday & Sunday from 8-3.

We are planning a poker run & BBQ for next saturday. Registration for poker hands starts at 8am.  BBQ will start at 11 & go til 3 or we run out.  Come join the fun & help support the club!

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