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Just because it’s the 15th, does not mean that we are automactically open…………………..there is not enough snow yet,  much more ice damage to clear, and many water bars to fill. With a few more hands, this could be an easier task. Baker River is not the only club in this situation-many areas all across the state are experiencing the same thing. It would be wise to check with any club before you venture out, and even better if you could volunteer to help them get their trails ready for you to enjoy!

Our landowners appreciate your cooperation in respecting the trails they have allowed the club to build & maintain on their private property, and we all thank you for understanding that riding them is a PRIVILAGE, and not a right.

As soon as it is possible, our trails will be open for another great season of riding!!


There is not enough snow cover for our trails to open on the 15th. Please help us to keep our landowner relationships in good order & do not ride them until we do give the official word that they are open. There is not much of a base yet, but with cold temps & one more snowstorm, we could be in business!

Weekend report 3/28

The trails have been in excellent condition since last friday!  The grooming team has done an outstanding job & you’d never know it was the end of March!  There are no waterholes and everything is flat.  A few of us took a ride tonight & logged 120 easy miles through 5 clubs in Grafton Co. …………………we didn’t want the night to end!

But all that may change tomorrow.  The weather forcast is for freezing rain in the am & rain at night with warm temps saturday & sunday. There is a lot of snow left on the trails-especially in the higher elevations, but we’ll just have to wait & see how we fare.  Get out & ride early if you can!

Apparently a few riders forgot that it is unlawful to operate a snowmobile on an airport tonight and chose to disregard the signs that were there to remind them.  We had to reroute this section of corridor 5 last summer-we sure hope we aren’t having to do it again this summer. We can’t stress enough how important it is to stay on the trail!

The clubhouse will be open this weekend weather (rain) permitting.

The vintage ride for sunday also dependant on the weather. As long as  the trails are good the ride is on.

would be nice to sneak in 1 more weekend!

March 24 and still riding!

another amazing weekend here at Baker River-the season just goes on & on!  The clubhouse was slammed on saturday & sunday………………..thanks to our kitchen volunteers Pat & Helen for being there!  Our groomer operators were working their magic on the trails & they were perfect!  Many thanks to all our hardworking volunteers who keep the club going!

As a reminder to everyone, there is ABSOLUTELY NO OFF TRAIL RIDING in our system! It may not seem like a big deal to some as our area is very wooded, but rest assured that someone does own it & cares very much when riders abuse their land. We have many miles of beautiful trails and it would be a shame to lose any of them because somebody doesn’t think the signs apply to them. PLEASE stay on the trail!

Because Baker River is such a popular destination we are seeing a lot of traffic here, especially on weekends.  Riders need to keep in mind that others are out here enjoying the trails as much as they are.  The maximum speed on all trails is 45 mph. Many of our trails wind through hills & woods and it makes for a much better riding experience for all when riders keep to the right-especially in the corners.  Passing is allowed, but ALL riders should take heed: slower riders should be aware of what is behind them, and passing riders should only do so when it it safe.  Unfortunately this was not this case over the weekend and someone was hurt.  PLEASE slow down in the corners & KEEP RIGHT! We are a zero tolerance club…………………that means NO ALCOHOL.  Please don’t drink & ride!  Let’s keep it safe for everyone.  If you see litter on the trails please help the club by picking it up & disposing of it-it is up to us to keep these trails clean-NOT the landowner.

As of today we are still grooming and plan to as much as snow & temperatures allow.  If everyone could be a little more cautious of spinning tracks we could get a couple extra weekends for sure!  We know spring is here & it won’t be long before we’ll have to put our winter toys away-always a sad day for some of us!!

Enjoy the trails while you can, and please be responsible on them-thanks!




What a fantastic weekend it was!  Was great to see all the familiar faces & the new ones too!  It seemed all enjoyed the new way to do the poker run, and the bbq was very successful.  The warm temps alway make for a nice day, but it doesn’t help the base on the trails. Lots of melting over the weekend, but still good riding to be had here!

Poker run winners:

apologies if names are spelled incorrectly, some were hard to make out

1st Pam Gellette 3 aces  Common man GC

2nd Charlie Williams 3 10’s  Shawnee’s GC

Joe Regier  3 7’s   Rossi’s GC


our 50/50 winner was Deb Brown from Franklin for $19

congratulations to all!  And special thanks to club members  Chris Fowler & Deb Fowler for running the registration table, and to their husbands Don & Gary for taking them around the run later & removing all the signs-great teamwork!  Mike & Darron were a help  before the ladies arrived-thank you!


The vintage ride had about 17 old sleds start out, and 14 come back on their own power!  Always a fun time is had.

Thanks to Helen & Rowell Ray, Pat Dupuis, and Evie-our kitchen crew.  On the grooming team we have Trailmaster Bob, Guy Taylor, Rowell Ray, Vic Henry, and Peter Galpin-they have been doing a superb job this year!


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thanks again for visiting Baker River Valley-see you next time!


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