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As many of you are aware, there has been a great deal of time spent researching and building a program that will allow people to join a club online. The reason behind this was the fact that the State is mandating that ALL registrations be available online by 2017. What does that mean? In 2017, you will be able to register your sled from your own home. But without a solid program in place online as well, membership in a club was at risk. There needed to be a way to join a club at the same time that you register your sled.
NHSA president Roger Wright has spent a lot of time on this project, visiting all counties over the past year gathering information and explaining how the program would work. New York is already using an online system, so NH had something to look at when designing one. There was a lot of debate on the issue, most of it centered on what the cost for club membership should be. For the program to work well there needed to be a unified dues structure-simply put, all clubs who participate in this program will charge the same for memberships. The biggest obstacle was what to charge. After all counties were heard from, a vote was taken by the NHSA board of directors who represent the ten counties in the state. The majority voted to set the dues at $35 for this online program. It is important to note that a club does not have to be part of this, and may continue to charge for memberships at their current level.
There are a lot of positive benefits for clubs to be part of this. And there are some people who have made negative comments; the strongest one is that the $35 is more than the registration discount a member gets for his/her sled. And there is a $2 transaction fee on top. The argument has been that a person might not join a club if they are paying $7 more to register their sled, and possibly more for dues depending on which club they join, that they will simply skip the club & just register. But there are also comments reflecting that people join where they ride to support the club and their trail system, and that they will continue to do so even with an increase.
The board of directors of BRVSC has discussed the issue with members in attendance at a few club meetings, and it was voted that our club will participate in the online membership program. Our dues were at $30, but going forward for 2015-16, we are now at $35 so that we are in compliance with the program guidelines. What this will mean to our members, is that it will cost $7 more to be a member this year ($5 increase in dues, $2 transaction fee). You will not be receiving a card this year, but a printed voucher with a unique number that you will present to the registration agent for this year.
We hope everyone will take a moment to consider what it takes for a club to be able to offer groomed trails whether here at Baker River, or anywhere else in the state. Trails need constant maintenance, whether it be brushing, building bridges, or grooming them in winter. The machines we use today cost more than ever before, and the cost of the fuel to run them (ours uses roughly 4-5 gallons/hour) has increased substantially. If a club offers parking, there are plowing costs. And equipment can and does break down from time to time. Grant money only covers a portion of what any club needs-and this money comes from snowmobile registrations, but it only goes so far. Volunteers put in endless hours all year long so that for a few short months in winter, all can enjoy the spectacular riding that New Hampshire has to offer.
We will be sending out renewal forms in the next couple of weeks and more information on how everything will work for our club going forward from here. We will post updates here & on Face Book.

Sad news from the club

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you the passing of long time club member Guy Taylor. Guy was an integral part of the club, and held many positions in it over the years, including president, trail master, and director. He oversaw the scholarship the club awards to a graduating Senior from Plymouth High School. Whether helping out with a club supper, building trails & bridges, or helping to maintain the equipment, he was a very active & dedicated club member. Guy was one of the crew who helped to build the new clubhouse. But perhaps the way most of you will remember him is as one of the best groomer operators in the state of New Hampshire. He loved being out grooming our trails and seeing how much the riders enjoyed them. He has been a recipient of the  “Groomer of the Year” award from the Trails Bureau, an honor indeed. Up until last year, you would see him out in the Tucker laying down those sweet tracks we all love. Although he retired from “active club duty” he enjoyed a few rides as co-pilot this last season.

Here is a link to his obituary:

God speed, Guy, and may your family find comfort in their memories of you-you are already missed!



We have been asked by the landowner of the Clough Rd parking area to remind everyone that it is on private land. Please do not block the trail access, or the road. There is room for  very few trucks/trailers there, and ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING on the town road. There is plenty of parking at the clubhouse & our extra lot down below. We are asking for your cooperation with this-thank you!

one more weekend?

trails are still in good shape at elevation. The lower trails are thinning out. It was cold all week, so not much melting occurred-you should find things much the same as they were last weekend. The clubhouse will be open for one last day on saturday. We are still grooming most trails.


This saturday! Let’s end the season with a little fun. Registration will be from 8-10am, and all hands must be back at the clubhouse to be counted. Hands are $5/each. BBQ will start at 11am-chicken/beans/mac’n’chz/cole slaw/drink…… $10/adults $6/12 & under. Fundraisers like this one help to sustain the club in our efforts to keep our trails groomed & our equipment running smoothly, and we hope we you will be able to join us for it!

The kitchen will be open on saturday too for regular grill fare.

About an inch of snow fell overnight wednesday into thursday, and there may be several inches on saturday! Grooming is still underway on all trails. Trails will hold up better & longer if we all ride with just a little more care not to spin tracks with this warmer weather. Ever notice how brown some spots get? The sun heats up the dirt that gets mixed in with the snow, and melts it quicker than places where the snowcover is still deeper & whiter.

Where ever you ride, please do it responsibly, and keep right………………………..

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